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330mL Hofbräu Dunkel Lager - BBD 04 SEP 24 - CASE of 24 Bottles

  • Bavarian Beer in the “Munich Style”
    Bavarian tradition, the archetype of the Munich beer, you can taste its history – this is Hofbräu Dunkel. Long before wheat beers and lagers wetted the throats of Germans, the bottom-fermented dark beer was quenching the thirst of Munich residents. The first beer, which was served in the “Braune Hofbräuhaus”, still satisfies to this day with its roasted, hoppy taste and the subtle malty finish. 


    Best drunk out of an official Hofbräu Stein - make sure to check them out here!


    ABV: 5.5%

    24 x 330mL bottles

    $3.50 per bottle

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