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1 Litre Hofbräu Stone Mug (Price each)

SKU: GL281
  • Hofbräu Stone Mug 1L - 1 Mug

    Enjoy beer like in the good old days! Until 1892, only so-called Keferloher beer steins were produced in the Theresianwiese meadow. Heavy, yet not too heavy in the hand, the dimensions go perfectly with the deliciously fresh, sparkling Hofbräu beer. Even when having a drink at home, you can imagine that you're right here with us in Munich. Manufactured using traditional hand craftsmanship: hand-turned, hand-painted, salt glazed and fired in the oven. True connoisseurs swear by the superior quality of the Keferloher: so that beer always stays fresh, this tankard has a surface that is structured by means of salt-glazing. This retains the carbon dioxide bubbles and the stoneware has an insulating effect.

    Strictly limited stock available. Please allow an extra 2-3 business days for packaging and dispatch.

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