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500mL Hofbräu Stone Mug (Price each)

SKU: GL280
  • Hofbräu Stone Mug 500mL - 1 Mug

    The half-litre stein with the HB logo provides pure beer enjoyment. Even if it's just a "Hoibe" (half). For a beer with a light meal or snack, this original stoneware stein is perfectly manufactured using traditional hand craftsmanship: hand-turned, hand-painted, salt glazed and fired in the oven. True connoisseurs swear by the superior quality of the Keferloher: so that beer always stays fresh, this tankard has a surface that is structured by means of salt-glazing. This retains the carbon dioxide bubbles and the stoneware has an insulating effect and ensures the beer stays fresher for longer.

    Strictly limited stock available. Please allow an extra 2-3 business days for packaging and dispatch.

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