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Image Hofbrauhaus

The Original Brew of Bavarian Kings!

When William V, Duke of Bavaria, set up his court brewery (Hofbräuhaus) in 1589, little did he realize he was laying the foundations for the world-famous Hofbräuhaus brand. The four hundred plus years of experience we have gathered since find their expression in the premium beer we brew. Local quality raw materials and state-of-the-art brewing ensure highly drinkable beers. In our view, tradition and progress are not necessarily opposites

but rather factors that we seek to reconcile in the interests of our continued dynamic development. This approach distinguishes our company, and it distinguishes our beer.

As expressed by our slogan “The Original Brew of Bavarian Kings”, Hofbräu beer was created by royal decree for the people of Munich and Bavaria. Today it is appreciated all over the world.

Empire Liquor's Story

Empire Liquor is a wholesaler and importer based in Edwardstown, South Australia. We have been importing Hofbrau Beer for the South Australian wholesale market since 2002, and since 2019 we have been  wholesaling the brand in Victoria, the ACT and Tasmania.

It brings us great joy to be able to share these wonderful beers across Australia. Our ethos for all our imported beer brands is that they must be totally sourced from the country of origin. Products made under license are not considered for our range. 

To learn more about Empire Liquor, and to see the rest of our range, head to our website here.

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